A smart home automation system is an electronic control of household appliances which
Allows you to easily monitorand control many functions of yourhome via the internet with the help of yoursmart devices such as tablets, smart phones, touch screen panels, keypads orcards which are synchronized , thereby making living more efficient and even reduce household bills. Forinstance, if you are away from home and you want to turn on the power generator, airconditioner, turn on lights, check on kids oreven want to confirm if you remember to lock the entrance door. Smart home automation system will give you that control from anywhere.
The whole idea is to provide enhanced safety, control, efficiency and security. We offerinstallment payment forthese products


We are involved in the building, sales, repair, installation and maintenance of the above products. All ourproducts come with guarantee.
Our reputation is founded on the ability to deliverservices comparable in standard to that obtained in the western world. We offer 24/ 7 customersupport.
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  • ON/Off the lights
  • Dim the lights
  • Automatically adjust the powered lights to the natural environmental light .
  • RGB & RGBW , Led, Incandescence , Halogen,Fluorescece
  • Switch the light onto preset configuration

Blinds ,Curtains and Shutters

  • Up and down
  • Automatically adjust upon natural environmental light or preset period of the day.
  • Efficient use of the blinds will  reduce the A/C consumption. Green House !
  • Switch the blind  onto preset configuration

Air Conditioning

  • ON/OFF , remote control or preset timer.
  • Adjust the temperature at any time
  • Precision controlling means energy saving.

Intrusion Alarm

  • Panic button, video camera, motion detector, glass break detector, opened door & window’s sensors.
  • Alert in case of fire, gas leak, flood or intrusion.

Power control

  • At any time you can monitor the power consumption of your swimming pool, A/C , lights or any other electric powered item. Daily, weekly or monthly consumption can be checked on a graph and current charges known in any currency. These figures will inform you where the electrical highest consumptions are. You will be able to take appropriate actions in order to reduce your costs. Energy saving is the main part of a green house.
    Alert messages can be sent to your smartphone or tablet informing about any misfunction of a pump, flood 

Audio diffusion

  • Dispatch audio all over the house, from different sources such as iTunes, Internet, FM radio, play-list …You can listen the BBC in your office while your wife listens Mozart in the leaving room and the children did choose some hip-hop tracks in their bedroom.

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