Our security system includes :

A CCTV camera system comprises of the camera, recorder and the monitor. There are two majortypes of this system: Analogue CCTV camera system and digital IP camera system. The system can be configured to be viewed or watched from anywhere in the world. That is, one can viewhis/ herproperties eitheron phone orlaptop while he/ she is away from his/ herproperties.
Wireless IP CCTV camera system is also available forboth large and small sites.
We offerinstallmental payment forthis product

An electric fence is a bar ier that uses very high electric shock to deter intruders from crossing the boundary. The effect of this high voltage on the intruders ranges from discomfort to death. This system comes with its own alarm system; this is fornotification and deter ent purpose when an intruder tries to cut the electric fence wires.

This is used to detect people holding any metallic object. It can be in the form of hand-held or walk-through type.

These are wireless two way equipments used forcommunication on large or small site. Its redefines wireless communication. Anothername forthis device is WALKIE-TALKIE.

This is an alternative power source that can deliverelectrical power in the absence of grid supply to homes, offices, factories, etc.
This system package consists of the solarpanels, solarcharge controller, hybrid inverter, batteries, etc. we also offerpay as you use system and installmental payment.
We also supply street lights in various type and sizes.

This system could be in the form of staff attendance monitoring oraccess restriction to some areas through doors.

This is the combination of smoke sensors and otheraccessories.
It is configured ordesigned to give a loudersound (alarm) whenever smoke is detected in the area covered by the sensors.

  • PABX INTERCOMS: this is design to interconnect various departments through telephone boxes foreasy We supply both analogue , digital and other

Type of PABX intercoms.

  • ANDROID TABLETS: An Android tablet is a touch-screen, mobile device

that runs some version of the Android operating system on it. It can be use forstoring educational and personal information as well as interface forhouse hold appliance when used in home automation

VSAT SYSTEM: This is designed forease mode of communication both bin video and data.

We offerpayment in installments on these products

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