What is a Smart Office?

Smart offices use technology to increas e productivity and collaboration. Smart office automation and technology also improves the working environment through energy efficiency, enhanced security, and streamlining proces ses. By utilizing connected technology and data analytics to ensure the workplace is equipped for the specific needs of each unique workforce, smart offices are able to quickly adapt and evolve with theirorganizations .
Motion-activated front door cameras . Refrigerators that know you’re out of eggs/ coffee. Voice assistants that can ans wer just about any question—and order those eggs for you. Smart technology is everywhere in our homes, but when was the last time your office got an upgrade As the expectation for better,this our modern technology has make its way into the workplace, We have practical solutions, tools and updates that can trans form your corporate space into the smart office of tomor ow. It’s time foryouroffice technology to work smarter, not harder.

Easily these are ourmost effective smart office investments you can make, modern energy solutions, Security solutions, collaboration solutions which increas es efficiency.
• With IoT sensors , which use motion detection, infrared, ultras onic, microwave, or a similar technology to collect data on occupancy and usage, providing you with valuable insights for implementing yourtechnology strategy.
• Oursmart lighting that automatically adjusts to the numberof employees in the space and natural light levels has the potential to reduce energy costs by up to 90 percent.
• Our Smart systems automatically regulate temperature according to usage patterns , company calendars , and weather forecas ts to configure the most efficient way to keep everybody comfortable while in the office.

• Use our IoT tracking systems to determine the highest traffic, most-used areas of the office, then direct maintenance staff to focus on sanitizing and disinfecting those areas more often.
• Smart board room appliances that res ponds to yourvoice command and pres ence
• Installing ouraccess control readers to res trict access to authorized pers onnel only.
• Installing ourvirtual whiteboard software, allowing remote and off-site employees to participate like they would in pers on.
• We help Store files and data on a cloud server, so yourteam can have access to what they need from anywhere. Make sure youris encrypted foradded security.
• Ourcloud-based security system that can be managed remotely from one simple interface.
• With oursystem, you can Save time and hassle with convenient, hands-free unlocking methods from the user’s smartphone.
• Full visibility from anywhere minimizes ris k, featuring video surveillance access, anti-tailgating integrations , and lockdown solutions.
• Our System Reduce costs by eliminating the need forkeycards , fobs, and on-site server maintenance.
• Opsonet smart system enhance security using two-factor authentication through the user’s smartphone with built-in fingerprint scan and facial recognition.

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