About a decade ago, there were multiple controls for all technology in our homes. From hand held remotes to light switches, window blinds , door locks and even air conditioners. As we move to a wireless and paperless world, it is possible to control all these from a single device with a beautiful user friendly interface or interactive voice control system. This is the future of modern houses and offices, Opsonet Smart automation gives you that second to none smart experience and we care about the future living spaces in terms of productivity, security and comfort.
Imagine walking or driving through your gate, it opens on detecting you or your car presents (keyless entry). Your house welcomes you with an interactive voice control / screen system which takes your details and switch on the room lightings, air condition and give you the news highlights. A biometric access control grants you access to a building where all these amazing technology have been installed . The application of the smart home automation extends even to the bedrooms; with a smart bathroom mir or that has everything you can wish for a bathroom mir or. You can connect your smart devices, get news and stock updates, watch movies, see who is at the front door/ gate or get ideal lighting for your make up. A state of the art home entertainment system, interactive meeting room . All these make smart home automation experience a show piece. Even the window curtain/ blinds, water sprinkler, lights thermostat, obey yourcommands.
All smart automated security and safety systems are artificial intelligent (A.I) powered .


Imagine leaving for work in the morning and you don’t have to be wor ied about which appliance is switched on¸ our smart power management system automatically switches off all appliances in the house leaving only the fridge, washing machine and security camera switch on when you are 10 meters away from your home and give notification about your power status. For an hotel, the lights and other appliances in the rooms shut down immediately there is no occupants. With our smart power management, you can also switch Off/ On your Generators from anywhere with voice command.

Our Smart Estate Technology: Al You Need To Know

Real estate and lifestyle have always been closely related. Where you live or have lived defines the way you think, look and act i.e. yourlifestyle.

With the emergence ournewsmart home devices for Estate: the real estate industry has progressed to the next level. It is these, Internet of Things (IoT) enabled, home devices that have led to the concept of the smart home/ Estate. Smart Estate automation is becoming increasingly popularacross Africa, in places like Nigeria: particularly with regards to selling luxury housing.

Accordingly, numerous prominent real estate development companies have invested in smart home technology. This has allowed them to differentiate themselves from competitors, by enhancing theirofferings in a competitive market.

Benefits of oursmart Estate technology

If you haven’t already thought about selling/ building a smart Estate oradding smart technology to yourexisting Estate houses, you would do well to consider these benefits this will bring to you:

Smart home real estate sells faster
Although there is no telling exactly howlong it will take fora house to sell, there are factors that influence this. Apart from price, location and condition: a homes features has an effect on its selling time. A house with smart technology usually has more features, distinguishing it from otherhouses, thus allowing it to sell fasterthan a house without smart tech.

Increased home value
As smart home technology is in demand, from both those looking to buy as well as rent, home automation increases the value of real estate. This gives investors potentially higher returns on investment if and when they decide to sell.

Convenience is among the top reasons forpurchasing a smart home. Smart tech gives people control and easy access to many of the systems in their properties such as cooling, heating, entertainment, intercoms, security and lighting.

Smart homes can have security systems which help to protect yourproperty from both internal and external dangers.

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